Rue Ste Irmine - Street

Rue Ste Irmine

Birth year
Around 650
Year of death
Around 704
Places of residence
Oeren - Germany

Who is she?

Irmine's parental lineage is uncertain. For a long time she was assumed to be the daughter of Dagobert II, the last king of the Merovingians. However, texts studied by Camillus Wampach cast doubt on this theory. What seems certain is that Irmine belongs to a rich and influential Austrasian family, descended from Charlemagne. She married Hugobert, who was probably seneschal and count palatine. They had five children. After the death of her husband, she became the superior of the convent of Oeren, near Trier. In 698, abbess Irmine bequeathed to archbishop Willibrord of Utrecht a part of the villa Epternacus (Echternach) with the small monastery and churches she had built. In all Irmine made six donations to Willibrord.

Irmine died between 704 and 710.

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