Un projet du CNFLdans le cadre de son action Politique communale à l’égalité entre femmes et hommes

In the framework of its Equality Policy in Municipalities, the National Council of Women of Luxembourg launched its "Les rues au féminin" project in 2009.

"Les rues au féminin" seeks to sensitise politicians to increase the visibility of deserving women at municipal level by naming new streets, squares or buildings after women. It should not be forgotten that the names of streets, squares or buildings are vectors of memory and constitute a political issue. As this official memory is selective, it is important not to forget deserving and committed women and to make them visible in public places.

Action - Who is she?

In the municipalities participating in this new action, streets named after a woman are given a visual and a QR code. Passers-by can discover their biographies, which can be consulted in three languages.

You can discover the lives of these women by clicking on the buttons below.

One project - several actions

In addition to the census of official streets and the drafting of the brochure, the CNFL launched the actions "Affichons l'égalité" and the action "Who is she?" action in collaboration with the Luxembourg administrations and the municipal gender equality bodies.

The "Affichons l'égalité" action, an awareness-raising action that started in 2021, organised in the framework of International Women's Day, aims to temporarily and symbolically rename existing streets with names of women who have marked history. This initiative seeks to raise awareness among politicians and the general public of the existence of extraordinary and deserving women who should be considered in the future when naming new streets.

The "Who is she?" action is about existing official streets. In the participating municipalities, the streets are named after women and are provided with a visual and a QR code. Passers-by can find out about their biographies, which are available in three languages.