Rue Marie-Louise Tidick-Ulveling

Rue Marie-Louise Tidick-Ulveling

Writer, activist for womens' rights
Resistant in the 2nd World War
Birth year
Year of death
Places of residence
Diekirch, Luxembourg City

Who is she?

Marie-Louise Ulveling was born on 14 February 1892 in Diekirch. She began her secondary education at the Saint Sophie boarding school. In protest against the ban on reading Friedrich Schiller's "Don Carlos", she left school after a few months and took private lessons. She studied German language and history at the University of Bonn for two semesters, but health problems put an end to her study plans.

Around 1920, Marie-Louise Ulveling married the lawyer Charles Tidick and was widowed after only two years of marriage. The young mother had to support her daughter Adeline on her own and took a job at the Bourse du Travail. From 1934 onwards, she published articles critical of the German political regime in the "Cahiers Luxembourgeois", and during the German occupation, Marie-Louise Ulveling lost her job because of her involvement in the Resistance. Although she escaped the clutches of the enemy, her daughter, who was also very active in the resistance and a member of a secret organisation, was deported to a concentration camp.

Fortunately, she returned to him after the war.

Her literary work, which includes short stories, narratives and publications in the Cahiers Luxembourgeois, the Tageblatt, the Revue or the Lëtzebuerger Land, reflects her fight against fanaticism, oppression and intolerance. Throughout her life, Marie-Louise Ulveling was committed to fighting social injustice and defending women's rights. Im "Zeichen der Flamme", one of her best-known texts, deals with the burning of witches.

The author died at the age of 97.

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