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Rue Ketty Thull

Luxemburgish cook
Known for her cookery books
Birth year
Year of death
Places of residence
Medingen, Esch/Alzette

Who is she?

Ketty Thull, the daughter of a schoolteacher, was born on 2 February 1905 in Medingen, in the commune of Contern. She was a model pupil and declared that she had "a great appetite for learning". At the age of 19, she started teaching at the Villa Louvigny domestic school. But her ambitions were by no means fulfilled. After a few years of saving, she was finally able to fulfil her dream of studying in Paris. In 1931, she returned with a highly coveted diploma from the Paris Academy of Culinary Arts.

From 1932 onwards, Ketty Thull was a teacher at the housekeeping school in Esch/Alzette. She devoted herself wholeheartedly to her profession and was soon asked to give public lectures on the art of cooking and the various modern techniques of food preservation. Ketty Thull analysed fundamental issues, not only about food and nutrition, but also about teaching and education. She advocates the need for education of girls and housewives.

From her travels throughout Europe and even the United States, she returned enthusiastically.

Ketty Thull is known for her cookery book, which has been published in its tenth edition for over fifty years. The latest title is 'Luxemburger Koch-, Back- und Dessertbuch'. She also published the guide "Ratgeber beim Konservieren der Nahrungsmittel" and a book on desserts.

Ketty Thull died on 25 October 1987 in Esch/Alzette.

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