Pont Margot Libens-Reiffers

Pont Margot Libens-Reiffers

President of the Foundation Crèche de Luxembourg
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Luxembourg City

Who is she?

On 14 March 1947 Margot Reiffers was born into a long-established family in Luxembourg, and more specifically in Clausen, where her forefathers were brewers from father to son. Her parents were Edmond Reiffers and Marie-Madeleine (Misou) Mousel. His great-great uncle, Emile Mousel, also a brewer, was mayor of the city of Luxembourg. It is therefore not surprising that Margot took a great interest in the life of her city. She was involved in many associations, including the Alstad Committee and the Fondation Crèche de Luxembourg, of which she was president from 2000 until her death.

Margot Reiffers married Serge Libens on 14 May 1976. Her husband was her constant ally and her best confidant. The couple lives in a house on the Altmünster Plateau. Their son Edmond was born in 1979.

Margot Libens-Reiffers is a very active and dynamic person who is also very frank and involved in the family business. Like her brother Albert, the entrepreneur sat for several years on the Board of Directors of the Brasseries réunies de Luxembourg Mousel et Clausen, of which she was president from 1997 to 1999.

Passionate about art and culture, a collector of beautiful objects, Margot Libens-Reiffers opened an antique shop in the city. Colette Flesch remembers her as "a friend of animals and nature, with a big heart, simple and discreet, always ready to lend a hand to those who might need it". Pierre Dillenbourg wrote a posthumous tribute to his very close friend in Le Jeudi on 26 April 2007.

Margot Libens-Reiffers, who fought her last battle with lucidity and courage, died on 14 April 2007.

● Posthumous speech by Colette Flesch, alderman of the City of Luxembourg from 1999-2007.
● Thursday 26 April 2007: Dill's column "A woman who loved life".

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