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Rue Micky Bintz-Erpelding

Theatre actress, radio presenter
Member of the municipality council
Marie Micheline
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Who is she?

Marie-Micheline Erpelding, better known as Micky, was born on 14 December 1939 in Esch/Alzette. She is the eldest of three children of Jean Erpelding and Sophie Weirich. After primary school in Esch/Alzette, she studied at the girls' high school in Esch and at the Fieldgen.

From her first role in the operetta "Den éiwege Wee" of the "Liewensfrou" theatre group, Micky Erpelding is passionate about theatre. The audience welcomed her warmly and the good reviews made her dream of making her passion her profession. Her father was categorically opposed to this, as he did not see the theatre as a way to earn a living. However, the theatre remained her hobbyhorse. Her 'crush' was an actor from the 'Liewensfrou' company: Aly Bintz. They got married in 1965 in Esch/Alzette and had two daughters, Simone and Brigitte.

The premature death of her father and the illness of her mother forced Micky to find a job to help the family. First she worked in the office of a liquor shop in Esch/Alzette and then, together with Roby Raus, she reported for RTL. In 1960, RTL hired Micky as a programme host. Her children's programmes and the programme 'Haut virun 40 Joer' made her popular. In 'Staminet', a radio programme with Pir Kremer that was broadcast on Sunday evenings for many years, her voice remains unforgettable in the role of 'Emely'.
Together with her husband, Micky recorded many songs and did theatre tours around the country.

Her political career began in 1981, when she was elected as a local councillor for the Socialist Party in Esch/Alzette.

From 1989 to 1993, Micky Bintz-Erpelding held the post of alderwoman and worked, among other things, for socially disadvantaged people. Re-elected alderwoman in 2000, this committed woman had to resign from her position after a few months to fight another battle, that of cancer. She died on 20 July 2000.

● Mrs Simone Asselborn-Bintz, daughter of Micky Bintz-Erpelding.

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