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Rue Marie Muller-Tesch

Marie Cécile Henriette
Birth year
Year of death
Places of residence
Messancy - Belgium ¦ Esch/Alzette - Luxembourg

Who is she?

Marie Cécile Henriette Tesch, born in Arlon on 17 August 1841, is one of the seven children of Victor Tesch, a Belgian-Luxembourg industrialist and founding member of ARBED.

In 1870, she married Hubert Muller, a forge master in Esch/Alzette. Together they had four children. From 1904 onwards, the couple lived in the castle "Le Castel" in Messancy. Their castle in Esch/Alzette remains their second home. Their son Edmond Muller-Tesch, who had no descendants, bequeathed Berg Castle to the Red Cross.

Marie Muller-Tesch died on 23 February 1913.

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● The Tesch family's industries:

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