Rue Barbe Stiefer-Philippe

Rue Barbe Stiefer-Philippe

Resistant in World War 2
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Who is she?

Barbe, called Beby, Philippe was born in 1912 into a family that had 10 children. She married Antoine Stiefer in 1931 and had two children, Fernand and Astrid.

When the Second World War broke out, the couple quickly decided to fight against the Nazi occupiers. Antoine and Beby became actively involved in several resistance groups. The mines of Hondsbësch were used as a hiding place for the many resistance fighters. Not far from the mines, the Stiefer house is one of the houses used as a meeting place and food depot. Barbe Stiefer takes care of the refractory's supplies, there were up to 122 boys hidden in the bunker. For some of them she also does the laundry. The couple worked in pairs and took many risks. Antoine Stiefer was one of the smugglers who helped the boys cross the French border over the hill.

After the war, the couple resumes their daily routine. Beby continues to look after her family with great dedication, Antoine, who works at the Chemins de fer du Luxembourg, loves to look after the large garden. He died after a long illness in 1975.

Barbe Stiefer-Philippe was awarded the Knight's Cross of "French Merit and Devotion" in 1972 and the Order of Merit of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in 1990.

The courageous resistance fighter died in 2004 at the age of 92.


● Astrid Flesch-Stiefer, Tochter von Barbe Stiefer.

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