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Midwife, owner of a private maternity clinic in Schifflange
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Who is she?

Léonie Koullen is an institution in Schifflange and beyond. During her life she helped many women to give birth to their children. Léonie Peters was born on 15 February 1913 and married Jules Coullen in 1937 in Kayl after her studies. The Coullen couple (before the war, the name was still spelled with a 'C') finally settled in Schifflange.

At first, Léonie went to the family homes for births, until the couple bought a house in Rue de la Gare. The house had two bedrooms upstairs and two downstairs, as well as a first class for the women. The cook of the time, Mrs. Rassel, served more than one family in the "Cabinet", so that people were generally very satisfied with the service.

For a long time, the midwife travelled by bicycle to her home visits to guide women on their way before, during and after childbirth.

Léonie Koullen has to be very flexible in her job, as she is often more in demand than the doctor. She takes care of normal deliveries on her own, only in case of complications Dr. Hengesch is called in. It was only after a few years in the profession that Léonie Koullen obtained her driving licence.

She gave birth to two daughters, Gabrielle (1943) and Lydia (1948), with the help of another midwife.

Unusually for that time, Léonie earned more than her husband. Jules first had a hairdressing salon in Kayl and then worked in the foundry. Léonie is the main breadwinner, so her profession plays a big role in her life.

Unfortunately, the midwife developed breast cancer at the age of 50. She then worked at the hospital in Esch, in order to have more regular working hours. Her daughter Gaby, who was a nurse herself, looked after her at home until the end of her life.

Léonie Koullen died in Esch-Alzette, on 10 March 1967, at the age of 54.

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