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Rue Marthe Prim-Welter

Doctor of philosophy and philology, teacher at the Lycée des filles in Esch/Alzette
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Year of death
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Schifflange, Luxembourg-City

Who is she?

Martha Maria (Marthe) Welter was born on 30 August 1909 in Junglinster. She grew up in Schifflange with her parents, Mathias Welter, a teacher, and her mother Maria Luise Schenten.

Marthe Welter, a doctor of philosophy and philology, became a teacher at the Lycée des filles in Esch/Alzette on 15 June 1946.

She married Nicolas Prim and the couple lived in Val Ste Croix in Luxembourg City. They had a son Mathias.

Passionate about her ancestors' past, Marthe was particularly interested in the local history of Junglinster and Schifflange. The house of her ancestors in Junglinster now houses the veterinary practice of Charles Bettendorf.

Her main work is the book "Zur Geschichte der Herrschaft Linster", published in 1981, which she dedicates to her father: "Dem Andenken meines Vaters gewidmet, der in mir die Liebe zur Vergangenheit weckte". On 262 pages, the historian tells part of the history of Linster.

Her article "Linster Mühle" was published in the brochure of the Junglinster fire brigade on the occasion of their 75th anniversary in 1983. This article is supplemented by research into old house names, a work carried out with the help of information provided by his aunts Anna and Pauline Welter.

Among her many articles, which can be consulted in the National Library, is "Sie wanderten aus von Junglinster nach der "Neuen Welt"", in which Marthe Welter, guided by her commitment and her emotions, tells the story of the emigration of six members of her family to America.

The historian died on 23 January 2010 in Luxembourg City at the age of 100.

● Mr Denis Dimmer, former mayor of Junglinster, made this information available.

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