Rue Marie Barbe Joséphine Munchen-Tesch

Rue Marie Barbe Joséphine Munchen-Tesch

Marie Barbe Joséphine
Birth year
Year of death
Places of residence
Hesperange, Luxembourg-Eich

Who is she?

The youngest daughter of Ferdinand Tesch, tax collector, and Cécile Félicie Seits, Marie Barbe spent her youth in Hesperange. There she married Georges-Charles Munchen, a civil engineer and employee of the road and bridge administration in 1854. He died in Hesperange only two years later. Widowed at the age of 24, Marie Barbe had to look after their child Charles Gustave Munchen, who died young, probably at the age of twelve.

Little is known about the life of Marie Barbe Munchen-Tesch, except that she lived in Luxembourg-Eich. She died in 1904 and in her will left a substantial donation to the city in memory of her only son, including the house at 10 rue d'Eich for the construction of a nursery, which was run by the Munchen-Tesch Foundation. Marie Barbe was appointed benefactor of the first Municipality of Eich.

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