Rue Lina Lippmann - Street

Rue Lina Lippmann

Former owner of the Heisdorf castle
Birth year
Year of death
Places of residence
Heisdorf, Luxembourg City

Who is she?

Born on 4 January 1832 to Samuel Nathan and Anne Lippmann, merchants in Luxembourg City, little is known about Lina, except that she was a studious girl. She won prizes at the Girls' School and distinguished herself by her exemplary conduct and hard work.

In 1853 Lina married the banker Léon Lippmann. Widower from a first marriage and uncle of the famous Gabriel Lippmann, Leon lived most of the time in the Netherlands where he was successful in several Dutch railway companies and founded the Lippmann-Rosenthal bank in Amsterdam. Léon Lippmann also served as Consul General of Luxembourg.

In 1878, the Lippmann-Nathan couple bought Heisdorf Castle. After the death of Léon Lippmann in 1883, Lina had the castle built by Jean de Beck in 1645 demolished and the present castle built.

In 1916, the religious congregation of the Sisters of the Christian Doctrine acquired the property as a convalescent home for their community.


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