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Rue Marie Berg-Clausse

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Marie Clausse is born on 22 November 1909 in Dudelange. She is the second of four children and attends the municipal secondary school in Dudelange. In 1931, the young woman marries a metal worker, Valentin Berg. The couple has two sons in 1931 and 1932.

Marie becomes a member of the LFB (Luxembourg Freedom League) and hides two draft dodgers at home. In the summer of 1944, many hiding places were discovered by the enemy and Marie Clausse is arrested on 4 July 1944. She is deported first to the prison camp of Flußbach, then to the prison of Ziegenhain and finally to the concentration camp of Ravensbrück. Her husband is imprisoned in the Hinzert concentration camp.

Marie Clausse is liberated by the Swedish, International and Danish Red Cross on 24 April 1945 and returns to Luxembourg on 29 June 1945.

Due to a back injury during her captivity, Marie has to take painkillers all her life. Her husband is released from the Hinzert camp with a serious bullet wound. For their own sake, the couple do not talk about the cruel memories to their family members, but they keep in touch with their protégé J.P. Lentz from Dudelange. The couple becomes actively involved in organisations. Marie is involved in the "Amicale des femmes concentrationnaires et prisonnières politiques luxembourgeoises" (Association of Luxembourg women prisoners of war and political prisoners) and meets regularly with other Luxembourg women who had also been imprisoned in the Ravensbrück concentration camp

Marie Clausse dies on 6 September 1975 in Dudelange. She is posthumously awarded the "Croix de l'Ordre de la Résistance".

I might have understood that they did this to us adult women...but not to these young pretty girls! (Quote of Marie Clausse).

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