Place Marcelle Lentz-Cornette

Place Marcelle Lentz-Cornette

Luxemburgish politician
Mandates: Municipalitiy council of Sanem, National Parliament, European Parliament, Council of Europe
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Who is she?

Born on 2 March 1927, Marcelle Cornette, the youngest of five siblings, grew up in Niederkorn. Following the premature death of her father Bernard Cornette-Baltes, a farmer, the youngest child quickly learns to become independent. She is distinguished by her great strength of will and a strong character. After her baccalaureate, Marcelle Cornette studied chemistry at the University of Paris-Sorbonne and went on to earn a doctorate in natural sciences. The young woman obtained a position at the Lycée Hubert Clement in Esch/Alzette where she taught for more than ten years. From 1956, she was also seconded to the Ecole Professionnelle d'Esch/Alzette, a job she has very fond memories of. Marcelle Cornette found her marital happiness with the doctor Albert Lentz, whom she married in 1956. The couple settled in Belvaux.

Although national politics were discussed at home, joining the Christian Social Party in 1965 was more of a coincidence. However, this decision marked the beginning of a political career that was to last 35 years. In 1968, Marcelle Lentz-Cornette ran for her first political mandate in Sanem, where she was both a councillor and an alderman. Her interest in politics was not limited to municipal life: Marcelle Lentz-Cornette ran for the national elections in 1979 and sat in the Chamber of Deputies until 1999. At the same time, she entered the international political scene. As a national deputy, she became a member of the European Parliament in 1980 and held mandates at the Council of Europe and the Western European Union from 1989 onwards.

Marcelle Lentz-Cornette is a dedicated politician who has made a name for herself on ethical and socio-political issues. This resilient woman with strong convictions, who campaigns for the good of others, knows how to navigate against the odds in a political world dominated by men. For her exemplary commitment, she was awarded the "Grosses Bundesverdienstkreuz des Verdienstordens" of the German Republic. At the end of her political career, Marcelle Lentz-Cornette made a "return to local politics" before retiring from the political scene for good in 2003.

An other matter of the heart is development aid. Marcelle Lentz-Cornette is involved in many charity projects. She was one of the founders of "Kanner hëllefe Kanner" and "Mammen hëllefen Mammen".

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