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Rue Rosemarie Kieffer

Woman of letters
Defender of women's rights
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Luxembourg City

Who is she?

Rosemarie Kieffer was born in Luxembourg on 30 December 1932. After completing her secondary education at the Lycée des jeunes filles, she studied French, Latin and philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris. At the same time, this diligent student took courses at the École des langues orientales, spoke Russian and closely followed the culture and literature of Eastern Europe. From 1955 onwards, Rosemarie Kieffer was a teacher at the present Lycée Robert Schuman. At the same time, she had an extraordinary career as an author. She published, in French, hundreds of stories, narratives or short stories, critical analyses, chronicles and literary essays, travelogues, and even a tragedy. Her best-known works include "Alchemy and Omnipotence. Essai sur l'esthétique littéraire de Léon Bopp" and "Un chat noir à Galway".

A renowned woman of letters, she is also actively involved in numerous associations, such as the Luxembourg Federation of University Women, the National Council of Women of Luxembourg, Pro Latinitate, the Luxembourg Society of General and Comparative Literature, the Friends of the House of Victor Hugo in Vianden and the Pushkin Centre.

Rosemarie Kieffer is a member of the Social Democratic Party. She was involved in the defence of women's rights and was one of the first female members of Freemasonry in Luxembourg.

She died in 1994.

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