Rue Valérie Strecker-Steffen

Rue Valérie Strecker-Steffen

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Canach, Bettembourg

Who is she?

Born on 28 May 1915 in Canach, Valerie began her studies at the midwifery school in the "Al Maternité", formerly the "Reiterkaserne", in Luxembourg-Pfaffenthal, and graduated on 7 March 1936. After having assisted in the delivery of 424 women in Pfaffenthal, Valerie left the establishment in 1937 to settle in Bettembourg. Until 1952, this midwife went to the homes of pregnant women, sometimes on foot, sometimes on bicycle, to help them give birth.

Valerie also had to fulfil her daily role as a wife and mother. On 11 April 1939, she married the railway worker Jean-Pierre Strecker, who died after 13 years of marriage. Two children were born of this union. They are the ones who tell us today how, from 1953 onwards, their mother welcomed expectant mothers into her home, which had been transformed into a private maternity hospital. Six patients could be accommodated at the same time at 20 rue Auguste Collart, a house that was soon named "Maison Strecker, private maternity". "In the newspapers, the birth notices mentioned this place, it was known to everyone", remember Robert and Jeanne Strecker, who still live in the town.

Jeanne has many memories of her childhood in this private maternity hospital. "As a child, we didn't like it very much. Every time we went out, my mother would see the babies she had delivered, talk to their mothers, we couldn't take a step without her meeting someone who knew her, it irritated my brother and me," she says with a laugh. Until 1973, 1,274 children were born in rue Collart. "My mother loved her job. She was allowed to take care of a woman from the moment of her pregnancy, during her delivery and then after her child was born. So she would monitor the pregnancy, diagnose an abnormality, help the women during their delivery and care for them afterwards. Every patient left our house in good health and my mother always loved to hear the first cry of a newborn baby," says Jeanne Strecker.

Valérie Strecker worked for 18 years with Dr. Joseph Mersch, who gave birth with her for the first time. He never ceased to praise the merits of this "exemplary woman of the mid-20th century, a midwife, housewife and mother". In 1973, at a time when the profession of private midwife was undergoing a major change and after 37 years of dedication to her patients, Valérie Strecker retired.

The midwife died on 8 June 2004 at the age of 89 in Esch-sur-Alzette.

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